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Park Management Certificate

Who is it for?

The material is suitable for individuals with little or no park management experience as well as an invaluable tool for those who have run parks for many years. Experienced park managers have told us that they have learned a great many new facts from the study material while newcomers to the industry were delighted with this ‘fast-track; method of absorbing information.

How do I study and how long will it take?

At your own pace (probably not more than 20 hours in total, depending upon your prior experience, knowledge and learning style), using comprehensive study material, anywhere you like. Each study module contains a presentation of facts, parks orientated learning activities and self test questions.

Candidates have approximately a year to complete the course and have the opportunity to take their assessment in either the March or November assessment period.

What topics does it cover?

  • Planning and Site Licence: the duel control of caravan parks
  • Health & Safety on parks
  • Employment Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Environmental and Social Responsibilities
  • Codes of Practice for Holiday Parks
  • Residential Park Legislation and Practice

Whilst the training pack contains all seven modules, you will only need to study the areas that are applicable to your park. You will have the option to chose whether you wish to study for Holiday Parks, Residential Parks or both.

How do I start and how do I complete the course?

Just complete the entrolement form which can be downloaded from the bottom of this page or alternatively call CITO to pay and order by telephone. You’ll then receive the training pack, together with an exam request card. This is used to confirm when you wish to take the exam and in which areas of study you wish to be tested on.

Where and when do I take the exam?

To complete the course, candidates take a tick box exam which lasts up to an hour and a half. Questions are either multiple choice, with a selection of four possible answers per question, or by deciding whether a statement is true or false. Exam questions are designed to show how much you know, not to catch you out.

Exams are held each year in March and November at various assessment locations around the country. 

Typically exams are held at: Aldershot, Bradford, Cornwall, Exeter, Glasgow, Gloucester, Maidstone, North Wales and Nottingham. However when there is sufficient demand, additional centres of Bournemouth, Cardiff, Carlisle, Manchester, Peterborough and Tyneside may be used.

Candidates register for their exam by returning an exam application form which is included in their study pack. Exams are organised in responce to the applications received after the closing date for each assessment period.  Exam details are then released in January for March exams and August for November exams.

Further Information

Please access one of the following Downloads for more information regarding additional course content and a printable registration form.


Training Coordinator

To find out more about a course, please do not hesitate to contact the course coordinator:

OJ Donnelly
Tel: 01252 796085
Email OJ Donnelly


Registration Fee: £270+VAT

ActivePassport Holder:
£20 Discount

Exam Centres

Written exams take place in the first two weeks of March & November

North Wales

Further information

For a registration form/pack, course syllabus and other related information, please see the Download section at the bottom of this page.