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Over 90,000 people in the UK work in the caravan industry which encompasses a diverse range of career opportunities across the various sub-sectors. The whole industry regardless of the size of the individual business retains a ‘family’ feel with many businesses still being family owned.

So what sort of jobs are there?

Parks:Holiday Parks offer a diverse field of career opportunities. Employees on smaller parks will often be involved in various activities whilst on a larger park the role is likely to be more task specific. Parks provide not only holiday accommodation but also recreational and other leisure activities. Opportunities include working in customer focused roles such as sales, catering, sports/recreation, children’s clubs, clerical and housekeeping services through to work in landscaping and facility maintenance and management. Parks are usually family focused and expect to provide a service equal to other hospitality industries often selling an entire holiday package. In addition there are also Residential Parks where people make their home all year around which equally require staff for similar duties.

Dealerships and Workshops: Similar to car sales and maintenance, caravan centres will often have a sales department responsible for customer focused sales of new and second hand caravans which today feature modern luxury conveniences and bespoke interiors. As with cars, caravans require regular services which are carried out in by trained caravan service engineers in workshops or mobile service engineers.

Manufacturers: Caravans begin on the design board working with modern high-tech CAD design programs before being constructed by trained technicians including wood and metal machinists, gas and electrical engineers. The finished caravan then requires a sales team to promote the unit, just like a car make and model, to the dealerships across the United Kingdom and abroad.

Summary of courses for Careers:

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    Changing jobs is a large step for any individual, and in this competitive job seekers market, it is essential job candidates promote themselves to the best of their advantage... there are key industry qualifications and experience they will all be looking for and it is important to make sure they see it in you.