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New ACS Engineers

Engineers, who work with gas on caravan holiday or residential parks, must be Gas-Safe registered. The Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme for Individual Gas Fitters (ACS) is the qualification required in order to apply for Gas-Safe registration.

New ACS Engineers

Before starting the ACS training, engineers must have completed appropriate ACoPs level certification. There are several routes available for engineers to gain their ACoPs. It is best to contact CITO directly for advice upon which option is best for you, as in many cases it will depend upon each engineer’s individual experience and situation.

The ACS Programme

The standard course duration is 7/8 days and includes training and assessment in core LPG safety, holiday caravan and or park homes (LAV and RPH), water heaters, cookers, fires and wet central heating. Additional modules are available to build your certification to your own specific requirements. Please select from the appropriate ACS LPG caravan course code listing attached. Additional modules are charged as extra. Please note all durations given are guidance only and are dependant on the engineer’s ability, therefore, the duration may vary from person to person.

Gas Safe require us to see and take a copy of your original ACoPs certificate irrespective of whether you conducted your training previously through CITO or not. Please note all certifications must be registered with Gas Safe before your ACS is complete. There is an additional charge for this set by Gas Safe; for further details see www.gassaferegister.co.uk


The ACS qualification is valid for five years, after which time engineers will need to be re-assessed. Engineers due for re-assessment are required to attend a 3/4 day re-assessment course. This course is examination based only and includes written assessments to ensure knowledge of theory and practical assessment to check competency. Re-assessments do not include any training days; however they can be included as extra should an engineer request them.

Re assessment is usually taken on the modules indicated on the engineer’s current certification. If the engineer requires additional modules, these will be quoted separately along with the additional training required to complete.

Engineers can begin their re-assessment up to six months prior to their existing certificate’s expiry date with the new expiry date being calculated from the originals expiry. This therefore allows the engineer to be re-assessed in plenty of time without losing any of their certificates validity.

Once you have received your certification documents you should apply to Gas Safe for registration. There is a mandatory charge imposed by Gas Safe.

Course Locations

All ACS training and assessments are held at the Gas Training Centres in Birmingham, Leeds and Somerset. Regardless of course duration, no training or assessments are carried out over weekends.

Download this file (ACSp Flyer.pdf)ACS Info[ ]86 Kb
Download this file (ACS Course Code.pdf)ACS Modules[ ]60 Kb
Download this file (GAS Booking Form - WB.pdf)Gas Booking Form[ ]139 Kb

Training Coordinator

To find out more about a course, please do not hesitate to contact the course coordinator:

Sallyann Adams
Tel: 01252 796085
Email Sallyann Adams

Dates & venue

If there are no dates listed on our website for ACS training, please contact Sallyann Adams to register your interest. sallyann@cito.org.uk

ACS training is held at one of our gas training centres in Birmingham, Leeds or Somerset.

  • 19 - 28 July 2010 BIRMINGHAM
  • 27 September - 6 October 2010  BIRMINGHAM




Please contact CITO for details regarding cost as this is dependent upon the specific modules you will need to be trained/assessed on. Sallyann will be happy to advise you accordingly.

If you are re-assessing you will be asked for a copy of your current certificate.