Candidate's Handbook

Candidate’s Study Handbook

The Candidate’s Study Handbook has been written exclusively to support candidates taking the practical and written assessments. Unlike most of the other training that CITO provide, the City & Guilds in Caravan Service Engineering programme is not face-to-face, and therefore, the study of the material for the assessments is entirely down to the candidate to learn. This study guide is designed to help you focus and prepare for these assessments.


+/- Contents

Divided into four chapters, the handbook covers the following topics:

Chapter 1 - The Practical Exam

Chapter 2 - The Written Exam

Chapter 3 - Your Study Plan

Chapter 4 - Exercises & Mini Exam

The first two chapters of the handbook take each assessment and explain how the programme works and what the candidate can expect to do on each of the assessment days. These chapters will help the candidate to understand what they are being assessed upon and provide them with tips and advice to prepare accordingly.

The third chapter takes the written exam further and explains the purpose of the exam and how the questions assess their knowledge. This, therefore, aids the candidate in identifying from the Technician’s Handbook the information they will most likely to need to remember. The chapter then continues to help the candidate organise themselves with a study plan.

The final chapter places the above into context by providing the candidate with learning exercises and a mini-exam to test their knowledge. The exercises have been designed to help candidates think about their knowledge in a different way whilst guiding them through the learning material. The mini-exam gives the candidate the opportunity to test themselves and practice taking an exam. Candidates are able to write in their handbook with the answers to the exercises given in a separate booklet to make it easier for them to mark their work. The answers also provide an explanation to help the candidate further understand what they are learning. Also included within the handbook are example report forms and answer sheets for both the practical and written exam. These can be photocopied so that the candidate can practice using them before the exam to help them prepare.

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