Approved Code of Practices (ACoPs) for gas competency

Under UK regulations, all persons working on gas must be competent. Our ACoPs gas programme (now known as Standards of Training in Gas Work / STGW) has been designed to cover the relevant units that will give caravan service technicians the level of competency as appropriate to carry out gas work on privately owned touring caravans and motorhomes. Please note that the qualification does not meet the competency criteria to work on domestic gas, static caravans or those that are hired out.

The ACoPs/STGW programme can be undertaken either as a 5 day or 3 day course. The 5 day programme is suitable for first time learners or those renewing their certification. The 3 day programme is only suitable for technicians renewing/converting their existing ACoP certificate.

Our courses are held throughout the UK, regionally at host workshops or at one of our 4 gas training centres.


+/- What does the course cover?

The service technician will cover all relevant aspects of gas safety, legislation, testing and procedures for their routine work, including the following areas:

  • Gas safety legislation and regulations
  • Characteristics of LPG and combustion
  • Flueing and ventilation requirements
  • Supply and operating pressures
  • Pipe work installation and sizing
  • Inspection, checking and testing of appliances and the soundness of the gas system
  • Gas emergency actions and procedures

This course should be seen as the minimum standard for anyone working on gas appliances within the caravan industry where Gas Safe registration is not required. This ACoPs qualification is required for membership of the Approved Workshop Scheme.

Upon successfully completing the training and assessment, the learner will receive a certificate and ID card. The certification lasts for 5 years, after which time the technician must renew their qualification. A technician is not covered by an expired certificate.

Please note, that this programme is suitable for technicians working on touring caravans or motorhomes. The physical training on the course may take place on either type of unit. At gas training centres, this will also include mock-up rigs.

+/- The 5 Day ACoPs course, prices, dates and venues

Our standard 5 day course is suitable for both first time learners and technicians needing to renew their existing qualification. Anyone requiring training for the first time must attend the standard 5 day course. Alternatively, for technicians needing to renew their existing qualification they are eligible for the 3 day intensive course below.



Birmingham & Somerset 

All other venues

Per person

£550 + VAT

£700 + VAT




 Dates & Venues

14 - 18 September 2015 Birmingham, West Midlands  Full
21 - 25 September 2015 Langport, Somerset  Limited Availibility
26 - 30 October 2015 Newport, Gwent
07 - 11 December 2015 Birmingham, West Midlands  Limited Availibility
07 - 11 December 2015 Scarborough, North Yorkshire
18 - 22 January 2016 Langport, Somerset
18 - 22 January 2016 Errol, Perthshire

+/- The 3 Day ACoPs course, prices, dates and venues

The 3 day programme is an intensive refresher course for technicians who need to renew their existing qualification. This course is only suitable for technicians whose qualification has either expired no more than 12 months before the start of the course or whose certificate expires no more than 6 months after the course. For technicians whose certificate has not expired, the date of their renewal will run from the end date of their existing certificate. The technician must be able to provide a copy of their existing certificate before the start of the course.



Birmingham & Somerset

All other venues

Per person

£440 + VAT

£600 + VAT




 Dates & Venues

05 - 07 October 2015 Birmingham, West Midlands
05 - 07 October 2015 Langport, Somerset
02 - 04 November 2015 Perth, Scotland
09 - 11 November 2015 Scarborough, North Yorkshire
01- 03 December 2015 Norwich, Norfolk
11 - 13 January 2016 Birmingham, West Midlands
11 - 13 January 2016 Langport, Somerset

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