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Since 2008, Caravan Industry Training has been a part of SkillsActive: the Sector Skills Council for active leisure, learning and wellbeing.

Caravan Industry Training's (CITO) programme of work is guided by the industry trade associations and businesses within the industry on behalf of the UK caravan, holiday and residential parks sector. Within SkillsActive, CITO has total responsibility for providing training information and support throughout these sectors.

CITO operates for the benefit of the many businesses and staff involved in this substantial sector which encompasses manufacturers, distributors and repairers of touring, holiday and motor  homes, residential park homes, and park home and holiday estates upon which customers live and take their holidays.

CITO’s core programme of work includes development and maintenance of qualifications, promotion of training initiatives and events, providing information to caravan dealer and park businesses on relevant qualifications, courses, publications and funding opportunities.

A range of training courses are also offered direct to businesses within the industry, particularly when a course or qualification specifically addresses industry needs and may be difficult to access elsewhere.

SkillsActive also facilitates work with other Sector Skills Councils, as required by the broad range of skills needs within the sector.

We communicate the training initiatives and plans of the government to the industry. Even more importantly, we communicate the needs of industry to government and its agencies, in order to effect positive changes and serve the needs of caravan businesses throughout the UK.

SkillsActive is a charity, and is licensed by government.


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